American Revolution Dbq Essay

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DBQ Essay The American Revolution was a rebellion from citizens in Britain that was inspired from many events, including the creation of the United States of America. A revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government to acquire a new system. The American Revolution was sparked from a variety of occurrences ranging from speeches to letters to documents, therefore causing the revolution to become the most significant yet. There were many influential people/concepts that added ignition to the revolution, including Abigail Adams, Leon F. Litwack, and the article from Northwest Ordinance. Numerous women expressed their disapproval towards how they were denied their rights based on their gender, thus causing women to take a stand for their suffrage and rights. In a letter to her husband, Abigail Adams told him to “be more generous and favourable to [women] than [his] …show more content…

In a map by Leon F. Litwack, it displays when states abolished slavery and/or when the final slave died or was freed. For example, in New York, slavery was abolished in 1799, while the last slave disappeared in 1827 (Doc 1). The map allows reader to see when the significant abolition of slavery occurred in all the states, and the map is biased because it celebrates the end of slavery. The map is revolutionary due to it demonstrating how African Americans have successfully overcome that period in their life. In a speech by a young African American valedictorian, he states that “no one will employ [him]” and that “white clerks won’t associate with [him]” (Doc 2). The speech identifies the struggles African Americans faced due to discrimination, hence allowing readers insight into African American lives. The speech is inspirational and powerful due to the speaker exhibiting to the audience his anger regarding

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