13 American Revolution Causes

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Introduction The 13 British colonies became an independent nation known as the US because of the American Revolution It began in 1775 and ended in 1783 Background Some causes for the revolution had started in the early days of British settlement in America The colonies had to make their own government and communication was limited Great Britain decided that they had to pay for their own defense because the British had gained a lot of land and were in debt Events leading to war The Stamp Act Britain was forcing the colonies to pay many taxes In 1765 the British parliament started the Stamp Act, which made them attach stamps, from…show more content…
After the battles the minutemen surrounded the British in Boston and the Revolution began The War The congress appointed George Washington as the commander of the colonial forces While George Washington was gathering his army, the colonists kept fighting The Battle of Bunker Hill The British occupied Bunker and Breed 's Hills, but the Americans defeated them on June 17, 1775 George Washington Prepares the Troops Washington trained the troops The only fighting was in Canada, where Montgomery captured Montreal but he died trying to capture Quebec In 1776 Washington decided to
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