Causes Of The Black Sox Scandal

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The 1919 World Series was a disaster that was waiting to happen. There were many aspects to the events of the World Series that were caused by the unfair treatment of the players and current world events. This appeared to be the height of the United States and life for many Americans was the best it has ever been. The economy was booming and no one had the thought of crime or corruption coming near them and their families. The art of baseball had been one of the first recreational activities that Americans could watch and play in their leisure time. Long gone were the days of farming and the labor that followed with sustaining that livelihood. Most Americans participated in the industrial boom that followed in the early 20th century. The events that were to take place during the World Series scandal were so out of the ordinary that it mostly hurt the integrity of the sport and those who were in love with it. All seemed to be like a paradise until the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. The eight players that participated in the Black Sox Scandal were blamed for all of what happened during the scandal. But, they too, had a side of a story on why they chose to participate in one of the biggest scandals in sports. Chick Gandal was the first of the eight players who went down into the darker side of baseball. He had earned $4000 for his yearly wage for playing Jayakody 2 baseball. He had enough and asked Charles Comiskey to increase the pay to $6,500 but he refused. Angered by the

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