1919 World Series Causes

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The 1919 World Series was a disaster that was waiting to happen. There were many aspects to the events of the World Series that were caused by the unfair treatment of the players and current world events. This appeared to be the height of the United States and life for many Americans was the best it has ever been. The economy was booming and no one had the thought of crime or corruption coming near them and their families. The art of baseball had been one of the first recreational activities that Americans could watch and play in their leisure time. Long gone were the days of farming and the labor that followed with sustaining that livelihood. Most Americans participated in the industrial boom that followed in the early 20th century. The events…show more content…
One thing led to another and looking back, it seems like something like this was inevitable. From to players receiving not enough money to support their families, to an owner that wanted to preserve his image and from gamblers that would do anything for money, the World Series was the perfect mix for all to come together. There were probably more scandals that happened throughout the sport. Gambling is a common theme in many sports and there were probably more games that were fixed in order for the gamblers to get their way. In the end, no one was persecuted for the events of the World Series. The players were acquitted of the charges although later banned from the sport even though there was little to no evidence that some actually participated. An example was the case of “Shoeless Joe Jackson.” Comiskey was still the towns idol and lived as if he did everything to stop the fix from happening. And Arnold Rothstein escaped without anything happening to him. “When called to testify before the grand jury, Rothstein denied all involvement with the scandal. He shifted the blame to his former associate Abe Attell. Rothstein was eventually exonerated of any wrongdoing.” All the pieces to the puzzle added up of one of the greatest scandals in sports
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