Mass Killings: The Bosnian Genocide

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The Bosnian genocide was a series of mass killings of the Bosnian Muslims between 1992 and 1995. The genocide was committed by the Serbians, who saw it fit to rid Bosnia and Herzegovina of the Muslim culture. It was one of the bloodiest and gory periods in Bosnians history, and will forever be etched into the memory of the survivors, who had to witness the violence and traumatizing actions taken by the Serbs. Future genocides like the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be prevented as long as the United Nations is doing their part and checking in on the current leaders, and if law enforcement in that country has the right to severely punish any acts of racially-based violence, in order to make an example of the person committing those acts, to discourage others from following.
The tension between the three main ethnicities
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The Serbs believed that the Bosnian Muslims were a disease infecting Bosnia, and they were taking it upon themselves to rid Bosnia of the Muslim culture, it is what they called “ethnic cleansing”. The Serbians used methods similar to Nazi Germany in order to gather groups of Bosnian Muslims to exterminate. The most gruesome mass killing happened in Srebrenica, Bosnia, and was appropriately named the Srebrenica Massacre. In the summer of 1995, Serbian forces began sweeping through the streets of Bosnia and Herzegovina in search of non-serbs, specifically Muslims. The ones that did not have the sense to escape Bosnia while they could were found and capture. The Serbs even went so far as to take over what was thought to be a safe house to lure in unsuspecting Muslims trying to escape the Serbian wrath. One of the most heartbreaking massacres happened on July 11 1995, when eight thousand Muslim men and boys that had fled to the safe house were captured and killed. Two thousand prisoners of war were killed by the Serbs, and the entire Muslim population of Srebrenica was expelled from their
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