Causes Of The Civil Rights Movement

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One of the most notable civil struggles was started by one woman simply sitting on a bus. This simple act of defiance lead to a bus boycott, which lead to a national story, which lead to national attention, which consequently sparked a national movement. (5) While (CL) the civil war did end slavery, it did little to smother (SV) the flames of discrimination. Wildfires of hateful behavior among the white population spread around the nation, affecting many innocent African Americans. (6) Fire burned for years. Renowned African American minister and catalyst, Martin Luther King Jr. , who (w-w) was a skilled public speaker, became the iconic leader of the Civil Rights Movement. History shows that the Civil Rights Movement raged for more than 14 painfully (-ly) long years.(History) African American citizens were denied common rights, and they were verbally, emotionally, and physically hurt because (BC) of the color of their skin. Only a few brave (QA) souls dared to stand up for themselves. Some were killed, some were arrested, but some were praised. These fearless (QA) fighters often found strength in numbers, but others found their strength in themselves. Thurgood Marshall, James Lawson, and the Little Rock Nine are prime examples of a group of people and just one person acting for a community. A historical fight for freedom included dozens of social catalysts, but I find these three to be of a most interesting nature.
Thurgood Marshall was an African American Supreme Court
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