Causes Of The Civil War Essay

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Civil War Causes We will never really know the main reason why the Civil War started because it was too far back in time for anyone to be alive and actually know what happened. Majority of people think it was slavery but there were more reasons than just slavery. From what we know there are many different reasons the civil war was started. The Civil war happened in April 1861 to May of 1865 between the North and South parts of the United States. The North and South were turning into two different economies which led to the Civil War. The Civil War itself started because of multiple reasons like slaves, tariffs, and the economy. The differences between how the North and South were living led to problems which led to the war. The first cause I…show more content…
The North and South economically were very different. The North was more advanced compared to the South. The South really depended on agriculture while the north had factories, railroads, and industries. The North had little farms that were for food while the South had big farms that would mass produce cash crops. With all of the North’s advances in technology and travel it made it easier for them to sell finished goods. The North would get the raw material from the South and turn it into finished goods. In doing this they made good money. Even with making good money the North still only gave the South little amounts. The South got mad because they wanted more money and thought they deserved more money because they are the ones who are giving the North the product. Without them the North couldn’t make the money they are. This really showed differences because it showed the two different lifestyles the North and South had. This led to war because the South thought they were being treated unfairly and not getting the right amount of money. The South finally got tired of it.Economy, slaves, and tariffs are just a few of the problems that caused the Civil
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