Causes Of The Cold War

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“The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see”(Barry Neil Kaufman). Different perspective lead humans to make decisions that lead to conflicts, such as the Cold War. The Cold War was a rivalry between the U.S.S.R (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) and the U.S.A(United States of America). Cold War had no direct military actions between the countries. Competing perspectives and human decisions led to violent conflicts throughout the 20th century. By analyzing different perspectives of the countries that are blamed for starting Cold War and the ideologies that were imposed in the other countries. Two different political systems led to further conflicts of the Cold War. The Soviet Union during the Cold War was a communist country. Stalin wanted to expand the spirit of communism in the world. The United States in the other had was threatened by the spread of the communist countries in the world. Both the Soviet Union and the United States wanted to enforce their country’s ideology in the other countries, especially Europe. The Soviet Union as a communist country puts the needs of the state before the personal human rights. The United States as a capitalist democratic country valued freedom and equality. According to the speech given by President Truman (U.S.A leader) in 1947 states that one way of life is based upon the will of the majority and it is distinguished by free institutions, while the second way of life is based upon the will of a minority imposed
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