Causes Of The Cold War

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The Cold War was the ideological, geopolitical and economic struggle between the two major superpowers at the time, the United States of America (USA) and the Soviet Union (USSR). The United States of America stood for capitalism whereas the Soviet Union stood for communism, each was regarded by the other as The Evil. The Cold War began in 1947 with the end of the Second World War and ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. These two superpowers never engaged directly in hot war as the both possessed nuclear weapons after 1949 and the concept of mutually assured destruction would become a reality if either side made any direct threats to the other. As a result, this war was fought in a series of proxy wars which is a war instigated by a major power which does not itself become involved, the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale is an prime example of this.
Angola was found to be a country rich in natural resources such as oil, diamonds, iron ore, gold, natural gas reserves and extensive areas of fertile land fit for farming and as a result it was colonised by the Portuguese in 1575. Due to the rise of nationalism the Angolan people were inspired to break away from the Portuguese colonisation in 1961 and fight for their independence, a fight which lasted thirteen years. Finally in 1975 the Portuguese granted Angola their independence.
In this struggle the Soviet Union (USSR), backed by Cuba, supported the communist party, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola
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