How Did The Crusades Influence European Culture

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The Crusades: Are a big part of European history, which has shaped and changed its culture, economy and thinking. After the Crusades were launched Europe and Eastern Mediterranean were gripped in wars that lasted over 200 years, fabrication of the most “religion” driven wars Europe has ever seen. This topic will be examined while bringing together at two different points of views, the Church and the people. What was the cause of these Crusades, what was the motivation for these people to go on the Crusade campaigns? What was the final outcome?

Throughout the Middle Ages there was armed conflict amidst Christians and the Muslims. Christians called these feuds the Crusades in light of the fact that they were battling under the cross indication to spare the sacred terrains of the Bible from being profaned by non-Christians. In any case, the genuine explanation behind battling for these grounds was
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One of them being the different culture mixture that arouse. For the simplest reason that, the crusaders who dwelled in the principalities were obliged to figure out how to live and exchange with their Muslim neighbors. Few of them scholarly Arabic or considered important Muslim learning, the most grounded Islamic social and scholarly impacts on Christian Europe came through Sicily and Spain as opposed to by means of returning crusaders.
The crusaders came back with limitlessly extended information of the world they lived in, and an eagerness to investigate that turned into a lasting piece of the Western European outlook. In religion, society, and business, post-Crusades Europe was obviously influenced by its delayed experience with another continent and another lifestyle. Introduce into the Western world such oriental luxuries commodities as spices, pearls and silks whose transportation and sale made the merchants and cities such as Venice
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