Causes Of Digital Divide

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Digital Divide Research Essay
Jaifar Ibrahim AL-Naamani What is Digital Divide
“the Digital divide is a term that refers to the difference between demographics and regions that have access to modern technology, and those that do not or have restricted access. This technology can include the telephone, Ipads, television, personal computers and the Internet.”

What causes the Digital Divide? Differences in Techno Areas of society
Their effect capacity Less than the areas of society More effective than the differences in techno
Quantity effected Less than 1.5 billion people 1.5 billion people

Causes of digital divide in my own opinion:
1. in the Lack of technological knowledge
2. Having other people doing their techno stuff such
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this mainly occurs for two reasons
1. The Infrastructure needed is mostly in place and just needs to be improved or expanded in order to provide high-speed
2. The concentration of people, and therefore potential customers in a city is far greater .therefore, there is a greater chance of quickly recuperating the costs of building the infrastructure needed for the high-speed access.
3. More versus less industrially developed areas :the parts of the world that have greater access to modern technology are the USA , Europe and northern Asia . these areas mostly consist of developed countries ,areas where access is more restricted are in some parts of Africa, India and south Asia . these are areas that consist of countries that are less industrially developed. This is possibly because the less developed countries are having to use their financial resources to provide more important services and do not have the funds available to concentrate
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A frequency band is used to provide network coverage. The strength and speed of coverage will often depend on how close together the network masts are, with those closer together providing better coverage at a greater speed”
What can be done to reduce the Digital divide in Oman?
• “Council of Ministers’ approval of the National Broadband Strategy (NBS) marks an impressive leap in terms of keeping pace with modern developments in the field of broadband and meeting needs of the market and operators with relation to broadband
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