Causes Of The French And Indian War

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What was one of the most important events that led to the American Revolution? The French and Indian War was one of, if not the most important events that led to the American Revolution. The war between the French, Indians, and England started many thought provoking ideas in the Colonists minds. This paper will begin by discussing the events leading to the war and why it was so important to both England and the Colonies. After we will move to the events during the war and key events that took place in it. Finally, we will move to the effect of the war on the colonists and what events and causes of the French and Indian war lead to the American Revolution. First let’s talk about the events that led up to the French and Indian War. Did you know that the war we call “The French and Indian War” was the final war of four wars between the French and the British in America? Yes, there were technically four French and Indian wars. Many of these were just large skirmishes until the fourth, which is the war we all know. The fourth war was the largest of all the wars. The war just before the fourth was known as “King George’s War” this war lasted from 1744 to 1788. This war really had little to do with the actual land of the Colonies and more about the constant struggle between France and England over power. It dealt more with the Austrian succession, but to invade a nation also includes its Colonies, so America was involved. This war raised many tensions between France and England
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