How Did The French And Indian War Lead To The American Revolution

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What was one of the most important events that led to the American Revolution? The French and Indian War was one of, if not the most important events that led to the American Revolution. The war between the French, Indians, and England started many thought provoking ideas in the Colonists minds. This paper will begin by discussing the events leading to the war and why it was so important to both England and the Colonies. After we will move to the events during the war and key events that took place in it. Finally, we will move to the effect of the war on the colonists and what events and causes of the French and Indian war lead to the American Revolution. First let’s talk about the events that led up to the French and Indian War. Did you…show more content…
By 1757 war had fully erupted. Forts everywhere were captured, re-captured, or destroyed. Eventually by 1758 Fort Louisbourg was captured. With this fort captured, the British had a straight shot into Canada where the French had staged most of their resources. Soon after this, the French surrender Fort Frontenac on Lake Ontario, destroying their ability to communicate with their troops in the Ohio Valley, which if you remember was the area of land which was a major part of starting this war. Seeing that the war is not going in favor of their side the Iroquois, Shawnee and Delaware Indians make peace with the British. This becomes a heavy blow on the French. They were already outnumbered but, now their Allies are beginning to disband. The British continue to take fort after fort eventually capturing fort Niagara, the French pull out of that area which includes Crown Point, the last stronghold of the French on the western frontier, which means they now control the entire western frontier. After this event, the British push relentlessly into Canada leading to the Battle of Quebec. Soon the British won the battle of Quebec, but during the battle General Wolfe and general Montcalm were both killed. These were the Generals of both sides armies. On September 15th of 1760…show more content…
The only problem is the British spent so much during the war that prices needed to rise. Knowing that the subjects of the crown in Europe would not be happy about high taxes after the war the British decided to tax the Colonists in America. The British ruled these taxes as fair because the war was fought over land in America instead of Britain, therefore the Americans should pay the highest amount of the taxes. This did not go well with the Americans. Already agitated by the British Crown and rule taxation was considered theft for a war they didn’t ask for. Many Americans began to despise monarchy and began to call the actions of the crown unjust. Leading to riots of the actions of the British Government and beginning the sparks for the American Civil War. As we can see the French and Indian War was a long and complicated war. This war caused the final sparks needed to stir up a rebellion by the Colonists in America. Many Americans were ready for the war and learned some interesting tactics from fighting the French and Natives, such as guerilla warfare. The war also heavily exhausted the British of vital resources which would have made them unfit for another war so soon. Without the French and Indian War, there was no way the Americans could have succeeded against the British in the following
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