Causes Of The Great Depression In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay The Great Depression was a time when it was hard to make money, get a job, grow food and keep a healthy family. People moved down south because they were told the south had great farming land. It was true, the south did but so many people went to the south. The land got worked and worked so many times that the wind would just blow it everywhere. It was hard to grow food. A lot of people died due to illness, lack of food and water. The book To Kill a Mockingbird was around in this time. To Kill a Mockingbird is a book about a young girl, Scout, explains her adventures. The factors that lead to the Great Depression was bank failures, drought conditions and stock market crash. What caused the banks to fail was, banks were uninsured so they didn’t have any saving. Another reason is drought conditions. Farmers had to sell their land to make to make money. This time was called The Dust Bowl. The stock market crash was another factor the lead to The Great Depression. This is known as Black …show more content…

The Northwest parts of Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma and south part of Colorado and Kansas. Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma had the worst dust storms and the most. The rest of the states were somewhat damaged but not as bad as Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Scout said in the first chapter that everyone knew everyone and understood everyone in town. She had a new teacher for first grade. Scout didn’t like her because she didn’t understand the way she thought. If Scout was living in this area I think it would be hard for her and her family to adjust. Overall The Great Depression was a huge impact on a lot of people. The Great depression was very hard on people. It changed their lives. Scout life was changed also. As she was growing older and not having a female figure made her different than most girls. Both of these time periods have similar things to

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