Causes Of The Haitian Revolution

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During the Haitian Revolution through August 21, 1791, to January 1, 1804, slaves were imported from Africa and oppressed by the white, French population. The slaves were outraged at the mistreatment and decided to revolt against their masters. There were many causes that started the revolution, such as social, economic, and political inequality between the white French and everyone else. The revolution itself also had an important legacy that inspired hope for the future of those oppressed as well as more negatively, death and tragedy. The Haitian Revolution was caused by oppressive slavery and discrimination against all but the French elite and led to the death of French and Haitians alike, the French’s expulsion from the island, and the spread of hope and freedom to other oppressed people all over the world. To start, the Haitian Revolution was started due to a variety of factors. But probably the most important one was slavery and oppression that was forced upon peoples from Africa who were imported to Haiti (Then Saint Domingue) and discriminated against even if they were free, just because of the color of their skin. To give context, from the years before 1791, slavery was incredibly harsh against slaves. The perpetrators of the cruelty were the French because they viewed themselves as superior and sons of the French Revolution that overthrew an oppressive government in France. In Document 1, The French Code Noir, it states, “All slaves shall be baptized and
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