How To Write An Essay On The Holocaust

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Over 11 million civilians were murdered in between the time period of January 30, 1933 to May 8, 1945. These innocent people were murdered in various, inhumane ways such as firing line, terrible living conditions, gassing with the use of carbon dioxide and Zyklon B, and forcing people to work until death. The Holocaust is one of, if not the darkest time in the history of human life on Earth. Many people committed suicide or suicide by guard because they did not and could not stand the conditions they were forced to live in. Most knew what their fate was and when it came time for them to meet their fate, they would kill themselves or have guards kill them. Auschwitz was the main camp everyone knew about, but there were other camps that were unknown or forgotten such as Chelmno or Belzec. In the Auschwitz complex there were three types of camps,…show more content…
Auschwitz was located 37 miles west of Kracow which was near the German border before the war. In January 1945 the Soviet forces approached the Auschwitz camp complex. When the Nazis hear that the Soviet Army was on its way, they evacuated the camp and made the prisoners march to the nearest camp. The Nazis would continue to exterminate prisoners at the nearest camp and when the Soviets got close enough they eventually shut down the whole operation and the Nazis made their way back to Germany. The Soviets overran the camps of Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka in the summer of 1944. The Nazis had dismantled those camps in 1943 after most of the Jews in Poland had been exterminated. Chelmno closed and re-opened a total of 3 different times. They killed around 152,000 people at Chelmno. In September 1944 a few Jewish prisoners were forced to get rid of and cremate any remaining corpses as the Soviet Army approached the camp. Chelmno was approached by the Soviet Army on January 17, 1945. In total around 18,703,900 people were killed during the
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