Causes Of The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution was worth the cause in many ways but in others it wasn 't. The industrial revolution helped many people get jobs and and made the government and city make more money which was good because they needed the money to build houses and more factory to give all the immigrants and people who were coming into the u.s a place to live and work. The bad part of it this was this caused many dangerous problems with the everyday people. For example the unsafe living environments the working conditions were bad and also all the danger they were putting not only child but adults as well in. During the industrial revolution factories and big businesses took over just about everything. They basically ran the cities, because they made the government so much money and took up so much room that everything people and government did revolved around them. Factories and business where the main source of income for the everyday people who lived there, everyone needed a job and theses big businesses and factories provided them that. Even if the money wasn 't great as long as they had a job it was all that matters. People would get paid at the minimum wage of 3 dollars and when immigrants started to fill into the cities some didn 't like it because they would take jobs away why, because immigrants need any job they could take so that way they could start there life in these big cities and support their families so instead of working for 3 dollars they work for 2 or 1
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