Causes Of The League Of Nations

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The League of Nations was an international organisation that was set up in 1919 after the First World War to ensure peace was kept by all powers of the world by using cooperation and communication. The victors of the First World war wanted to make sure that the horrors experienced in the war were never repeated. The League of Nations had periods of great success but also had periods in which peace could not be achieved or maintained due many counties following their own imperialistic agendas and their reluctance to join. After World War One it was clear that the effects of the war were much more than each of the countries could afford and the agreement was made that the League of Nations would be established to prevent any future out breaks of war. The League’s aims were to stop wars, improve the quality of people’s lives and jobs, to encourage disarmament and to enforce the Treaty of Versailles which concluded World War One. The main aim although was to create a better world by means of peaceful negotiations rather than resorting to violence. All the peace treaties had the Covenant of the League of Nations written into them, and in this way many leaders hoped that the League would be recognized by the most influential countries. This was the case for Britain and France as the both wanted peace and France wanted protection from Germany as they were militarily weaker. However, the United States of America’s unwillingness to participate in the League, even though her
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