Causes Of The Louisiana Purchase

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The United States and France had a deal between each other with the land of Louisiana called the Louisiana Purchase. Our country gained about eight hundred twenty seven thousand square miles of the land West of the Mississippi River for $15 million from France. President Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter in April 1802 to Pierre Samuel and predicted that this event was the beginning of a war which will explode on the countries of both of the shores of the Atlantic. For the U.S, the spread to the West, the boating down the Mississippi River, and the approach to the port of New Orleans became demanding to American Commerce. So that made the transfer of authority cause concern. A little after that, Jefferson wrote to a U.S. minister in France, Robert Livingston, and said every eye in the U.S is fixed in this affair of Louisiana. Background So let start with Spain, there was a conflict with Mississippi over navigation but it was solved in 1795 with an alliance, the U.S.…show more content…
Negotiation moved at a very fast speed and when it hit the deadline in April the U.S. delegate said yes to pay eleven million two hundred fifty thousand dollars and take call of American people to go against France in the amount of three million seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. In Exchange of that the U.S required the large area in the Louisiana area, around eight hundred twenty eight thousand Square miles of the land. The date of the treaty was on April 30th it was then signed on may 2nd. Then in the October time the U.S. senate signed the purchase then after that in December of 1803 France moved forces over the distracted to the
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