Causes Of The Moroccan Crisis Of 1905

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Research Question: How did ‘The Moroccan Crisis of 1905’ cause tensions which led to World War 1? World War 1 occurred due to tensions between countries and The Moroccan Crisis of 1905 is seen as one of the key events which led to World War 1 as it influenced the trust between major European powers such as Germany and Britain. Morocco was on the market during 1905-1906, allowing major countries to conquer it. What occurred during the Moroccan Crisis of 1905? Great Britain was a dominating power at the time, and Morocco was one of the few unoccupied countries found in Africa and as Great Britain had built a strong empire, many countries such as Germany wanted it as ally. During the time, Britain and France had signed an agreement known as the ‘Entente Cordiale’ which allowed them to stay as allies and assist each other when needed. In 1899, France had shown it’s interest in conquering Morocco and the contract between France and Great Britain also included that Britain was not to fight France over land or countries such as Morocco. Morocco was an independent country and none of the great powers has achieved conquering it as it was newly independent due to the downfall and decline of the Ottoman Empire. In Addition, France also decided to start expanding and strengthening their empire, especially once signing a treaty with Britain as they were the strongest power at the time. Once Germany acquired knowledge of this Entente, Kaiser Wilhem was furious as he wanted an alliance
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