Causes Of The Proclamation Of 1763

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The Proclamation of 1763 was put in place after the French and Indian War. It was to ensure that no colonists could live past the west of the Appalachian. The Native Americans lived west of the Appalachian mountain range.The Proclamation was put into place by King George. This angered the colonist because it seemed that the colonists fought in that war for the benefit of the English instead of themselves. This was a major cause of the Revolutionary War because the colonists had no else to go and expand their population and wealth.This then led into more conflict between the British and the colonists. The Stamp Act was put into place between the years of 1756-1766. This meant that now paper items were taxed.The news of the act angered the colonists. They were angry because they had no say…show more content…
This act forced the colonists to house British soldiers, and to provide the British soldiers anything needed.The British benefited from this because it saved the costs of spending money on the British soldiers. Most of the troops that were sent into the Americas were primarily sent to New York. It was a major cause of the Revolutionary War because the colonists thought it was unfair that they had to provide shelter to the soldiers because the soldiers often took advantage of the colonists generosity. The Town Shed act was then later put into place after this act. The Town Shed Act was put into place in 1773. This act imposed tax on glass, paper, tea, e.t.c.This angered the colonists because they had even more tax than before.The colonists did unlawful acts such as smuggling goods into the Americas. As well as smuggling, the colonists also boycotted the goods.The colonists thought that the British were taking the control and power of the colonists away. This made the colonists angry because they thought of themselves as an established colony meaning that they did not want “Big Brother(the British) looking over
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