The Salem Witch Trials: Shaping The Future Of America

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In 1692 the people of America witnessed the worst show of human greed and violence disguised in the veil of religion, The Salem Witch Trials. With the fear of divine punishment, these trials in the early courts of Salem prosecuted at least 185 thought-to-be witches on the basis of religious beliefs, leading to twenty public executions and 4 others to die in prison (Conforti, 2008, p. 1). What these Puritan colonists learned at the end of these trials impacted the lives of those present, and the course of American History. These trials brought about the Age Of Reason in America, changing how we interact socially, our skepticism, and our ability to think and live life without threat of divine power. The Salem Witch Trials ultimately helped shape the future of America. Towards the end of the 17th century, the British colonies in America were still securely in the age of Theism and had a strong belief in the Christian God. These people followed the ideals of the early…show more content…
"Since the founding of [Salem Village] parish in 1672 the Reverend George Burroughs and the Reverend James Bailey were both forced out of their jobs when the villagers refused to pay their salaries" ("Parris, Samuel," 2001, p. 194). In this, we see the rising tension in Salem in the late 17th century and the poverty of the town. The Puritans were clearly upset with their church and their civil disputes and felt that the perfect minister was needed for their church to administer hope and a guide to their everyday life. In that exact time period, in November of 1689, is when Reverend Samuel Parris moved from Boston to Salem (David, 2008). Samuel Parris was a minister who, at his time of arrival in Salem, was around 36. He came to Salem with his wife (Elizabeth Parris), his children, his niece (Abigail Williams) and his slaves (Tituba and John
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