Causes Of The Smartphone Addiction

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With the new development in the calling devices, people started to spend more time on their phones. Recently the smartphones are taking a huge part of the people lives. This created a new type of addictions, which is the addition to the smartphones. This addiction is all about spending most of the time in the day using the phone, without having control on that. The addition of the smartphones is similar to other types of addictions such as the addiction to smoking and the addiction of coffee, however; it is different somehow. There are infinitely many causes behind the smartphones addiction, and that addiction has infinite causes on the humans. One reason for smartphones addiction is that applications update constantly. Why stay away from something that can help you and entertain you at the same time? The applications such as the games, songs programs and the movie applications are the reasons behind the people spending many seconds of their lives facing the smartphones. The new applications make the life easier and as a result of that people get used to using them instead of thinking. For instance, the Google map application can help in finding the location, and that will cause the people to spend more time on the phones instead of reading a map. The more time the people spend on these devices, the more addicted they become to these devices. The second reason for causing the smartphones addiction is the social media and the recent

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