Causes Of The Stono Rebellion

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The Stono rebellion was a very popular point of conversation in 1739 following the uprising. This is because many people were shocked at the violence that took place in South Carolina and many were afraid it may happen again. As a result, news of the rebellion was spreading rapidly, and many people of all ethnicities were made aware of the rebellion that took place. When white slave holding families heard of the stories surrounding the rebellion they began to fear new uprisings. However, when African Americans heard of the events that took place during the rebellion they were encouraged by the event and the things it accomplished. The fact that African Americans made a successful rebellion against the white slave owners that dominated every aspect of their lives, encouraged other African Americans to participate in similar acts of resistance. Some African American slaves decided to runaway to Florida because they heard of the rebellion and that they were seeking freedom in Spanish Florida. A lot of slaves attempted to runaway even though they knew the consequence would likely be death. Others began to resist their masters without taking the chances of running away and risking their lives.

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