Causes Of The War Of 1812 Dbq Essay

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During the 19th century America finally outgrew its meager beginnings, and grew into its new role as a world power. The size of America increased almost three-fold with the help of land acquisitions such as The Louisiana Purchase, the Mexican Cession, and the addition of the Alaskan, Floridian, Oregonian, and Texan territories and states, catalyzed by the War of 1812. The War was often referred to as “America’s second war for independence” because the interference of Britain was still found within America, years after they declared official independence. The War of 1812 was not caused by any one factor, but instead a multitude of factors that jointly caused the war to begin. Britain was interfering with American maritime, trade, Indian affairs, and expansion.…show more content…
America’s own economy was strengthened, and led to less foreign dependence. Monroe’s “Era of Good Feelings” was ushered in, and the Federalist Party, which had been seen with disdain at its antiwar ideas, was essentially extinct. The immediate effects of the war of 1812 were small, but the accomplishments and increased sense of nationality would lead America down a new, united path. America’s success at the Battle of New Orleans boosted the country’s damaged morale, even though America did not achieve any of its pre-war objectives. The new pride in the nation’s army and navy led to a stronger and more organized military, which wouldn’t have been possible without the nations new support for military and its new sense of nationalism. In 1846, the “Manifest Destiny” began to be America’s new future. The Manifest Destiny was a 19th century belief that the expansion of America from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean was inevitable. Without the newfound confidence gained from the war of 1812, America’s ambitious goal to span the distance between the oceans would’ve been near
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