Causes Of The Women's Suffrage Movement

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What caused this protest to start and what took place?

The women’s suffrage movement in New Zealand was lead by Kate Wilson Sheppard.

One reason why women wanted to get the vote was because they wanted to vote for prohibition (to stop alcohol consumption). Another reason that made women want to fight for the vote was because the roles of women were changing. Women were entering the workforce and women were also getting more educated. Women now wanted political equality; starting with the vote.

Women felt as if they were discriminated against because of their gender. They wanted to stop gender discrimination, this lead to women wanting the right to vote and fighting for the right to vote to gain political equality. However some men like
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The Women’s Suffrage protest was significant to New Zealanders because it held importance to women at the time and resulted in change.

This protest movement was important because women wanted alcohol banned and restrained. Women thought that being able to vote would be the best option for the prohibition of alcohol. They thought that if they were able to be franchised they could tip the vote towards liquor prohibition. Because at the time women were the ones who fought for alcohol restraint. Because the roles of women were changing and they started getting more educated and independent, they wanted to have political equality. Women wanted to have their say in political matters such as elections and seats in the parliament, so it was no longer seen as a ‘Man's world’.
This protest movement was also important to women living at the time because it was a way to stop discrimination between the genders. This is because some women felt as if they were treated and discriminated against like the Jewish people. They wanted to have equality between genders, getting the right to vote was the first step to gender equality. Women like Mary Colclough believed that women have and deserves more rights, this is including the right to vote. It was important to New Zealand women to gain more rights and stop gender
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The women’s suffrage movement was significant to New Zealand because it is durable, this protest movement also extremely relevant.

Over 100 years after the women’s suffrage protest movement New Zealanders lives are still being affected. Now the idea of Women and Maori in New Zealand not being able to vote is extremely unusual. Both genders male and female of all races had political equality. Any gender and any race could now vote in parliamentary elections. And society had to adjust to this.

Ever since the women’s suffrage movement was successful and women were able to vote it allowed women to become more prominent in parliament and politics. After women achieved the vote they were able to become more successful and have higher ranks in parliament. The women’s suffrage movement allowed women to become Mayors, Members of Parliament, and even Prime Ministers. A growing number of women were elected in governmental positions ever since women were enfranchised.

This protest movement was also relevant and durable because it helped to change the views society had on women. Which was one of the reasons why women fought for the vote. They wanted to change the views of women and started this by fighting for the
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