Titanic: The Sinking Of The Titanic

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The Sinking of Titanic
The ocean is home to many famous wrecks but most of these ships are forgotten underwater. Some wrecks make a mark for history and those ones have been gone for up 100 years. Most shipwrecks have been left unnoticed but some are remembered and can be found deep below the waves of the oceans. Humans have explored the deep sea in search for shipwrecks. But one shipwreck in particular is the one that is important in history. This ship wreck is over 100 years old and is resting on the seafloor. This ship’s sinking left a mark in history you will know more about titanic’s sinking.
The titanic started being built on May 31, 1909. More than 15,000 people built the titanic.
According to Jsonline’s website, “More than 15,000
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The ship was on its maiden voyage for 4 whole days. According to titanic and co’s website, They titanic was ready for departure on April 10, 1912 and sailed for 4 whole days before the sinking. (www.titanicandco.com) . What time the titanic was ready for departure. We talked about titanic maiden voyage then we'll talk about how long the trip was. Titanic’s maiden voyage from Queenstown to New York, USA was 2,825 miles. From titanic facts website, “The intended distance of the voyage from Queenstown to New York City was 2,825 miles. (www.titanic facts.net) . The trip from Queenstown to New York City was intended to be that long and would take 137 hours. This was about titanic’s maiden voyage but soon after the titanic hit an…show more content…
It took 70 years for Robert Ballard to find the titanic at the bottom of the atlantic ocean. From Planet science’s website, “It took over 70 years for explorers to find the titanic. Robert ballard was a deep sea explorer with a dream to find the titanic.” (www.planet science.com) . How long it took Robert Ballard to find the titanic in the atlantic ocean. We will now talk about how Robert searched for the titanic. Then in 1985 Robert and his crew were sent to photograph submarines but the navy let them look for the titanic. (www.planet science.com) . From the same website, Robert Ballard and his crew were sent to photograph two sunken submarines and then he could search for the titanic. How Robert Ballard found the wreckage of the titanic. This was how Robert Ballard and his crew found the R.M.S.
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