Causes Of To Blame For Romeo And Juliet

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Blame is the assignment of responsibility for a fault or wrong. Often times blame is assigned because people do not have the mental capacity to accept the true reasoning for which something has happened; as a result, opposed to finding a way one can better the situation, they attempt to find someone that they can hold accountable. In Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, blame is a defining character, recurring within the play for many reasons. The deaths of both Romeo and Juliet had blame surrounding it, when in fact the only two to blame for their deaths were each other. The main cause for Juliet’s death was Romeo. From the beginning of the play, Romeo had many issues, such as his depression and his tendency to fall in deep infatuation, mistaking it for love. Based on the text, the audience is able to infer that Romeo used girls to fill his depression that his family was attempting to help him with. When Romeo went to Friar Laurence 's cell to speak to him about his love for Juliet, the friar made it known to the audience that Romeo was seemingly just as in love with Rosaline not long before. Romeo led Juliet to believe that he was exceptionally in love with her, when he most likely showed a pattern of this behavior in the past. This lead her to become attached to him, prompting her to feel as though she could not live without him. Romeo was also quite reckless within the play. He often acted without completely thinking things through, ultimately leading to Juliet’s
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