Causes Of Tourism In Egypt

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The one of the largest sources to any country is tourism, it provides services to the tourists, it is nowadays a huge problem in all over Egypt. The violence that happened all over Egypt, hit hard the tourism sector cause the tourists of fleeing from Egypt , they were about 1 million tourists all that start after the revolution in 2011. The definition of tourism deterioration is that tourism is decreasing and starts to fall down and become worse. After the revolution Egypt’s tourism has start decreased of many reasons such as the revolution empty security case, lack of statistical information, lack of plans and strategies that must contain some information, and the advertisement inefficiency way campaigns that happened in different countries including Egypt (Mansour, 2015). In 2011 Egypt has lost the tourism sector about 9 billion pounds and in 2014 because of the revolution there are some hotels and factories were closed and lost money. In 2015, tourism in Egypt has started to fall down to 15% after some terrorist attacks (Ahram online, 2016). Therefore, the focus of this essay will be on how the deterioration affect tourism in Egypt in general. This essay will seek to analyze the causes of tourism deterioration which are Egypt crisis and the revolution. This essay will also discuss the huge effects on both the national income and the economy in Egypt.
There are many causes that lead to tourism deterioration in Egypt. Egypt crisis is the most influencing factor on

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