Causes Of Traffic Abortion

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Traffic congestion is a daily phenomenon that costs people a lot of time, is very harmful to the environment and may even cost some money. There are many obvious causes for traffic congestion, such as the amount of cars, size of the road, situational factors on the road such as accidents and eroded roads. One might think that Bangladesh has always had congested roads, where people struggle to move an inch from their position. However, that would be the current situation but before 2010 traffic congestion never stood out as a national headache. In fact, only 7% urban population in 1971 (Morshed, 2015). This means that people were not forcing themselves into cities like the current rate. Back then the traffic laws were not enforced and since many people did not own private transportations this issue was not given its required importance. So, most of the roads Bangladesh has today are results of broken bureaucracy, poor infrastructure, and ad-hoc planning (Morshed, 2015). There were not enough laws and people just did not have the right mentality to follow traffic rules. The young bus driver who moved in to the city a few years ago from the rural areas has no incentive to follow the traffic rules and regulations. Another great cause for traffic congestion would be corruption within the government departments. Bangladesh has barely managed to control corruption in many sectors, for instance, the transportation sector. Many road contractors get funded by individuals or by the
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