Causes Of Traffic Accidents In Malaysia

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“Accidents Bring Tears, Safety Bring Cheers”, and just like this slogan, the increasing number of traffic accidents need to be reduced as it can change one’s life. It can be observed that many cases of traffic accidents have been reported especially during festive seasons. The increasing of traffic accidents in Malaysia were at the average rate of 9.7% per year over the last thirty years (Mustafa, 2005). Furthermore, the highest number of traffic accident occurs is during the festive seasons (“Risk of road accidents increases during festive seasons”, 2004). In this paper, we are going to write on how to reduce the cases of traffic accidents in Malaysia. We will focus on the solutions from infrastructures, education aspects and strengthen the road legislation. One of the factors of traffic accidents is caused by the driver. Traffic accident occurs because of the driver is careless, speeding, under influence of alcohol, lack of sleep, and using the hand phone while driving (Kareem, 2003). In addition, the driver ignoring others driver’s safety while driving can also cause traffic accident (Bernama, 2016). Other factor of traffic accidents is caused by the condition of the road. A study conducted by Mustafa (2005) showed that the combination of different type of vehicles such as small, medium and heavy vehicle and inappropriate design at junction of the road can lead to the increasing number of the traffic accidents. Moreover, the high traffic volume is related to the

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