Traffic Awareness Research Paper

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The lives of a great number of people every year end as a result of traffic accidents. Authorities stated that at least one traffic accident occurs every minute in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdome witnesses more than 7,000 deaths, and 39,000 injuries every year (Traffic Accidents Occur Every Minute in KSA, 13 March 2015). Traffic accidents resulted in great economic losses to victims, their families, and their countries. In this essay I will present methods for preventing traffic-related injuries and deaths. Keywords: traffic-related injuries, traffic accidents, regulations
Nowadays, traffic accidents are a serious problem that threatens our lives. It became the main cause of death among people, especially
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The lack of awareness about traffic safety and laws is one leading reason for the high number of traffic crashes on highways. For instance, drivers who drive with low speed have to remain in the right lane, but sometimes they do not, which makes drivers driving with higher speeds to cross into oncoming traffic (Hùng, 2016). Education and awareness are playing an important role in traffic safety. Types of awareness about traffic safety varied widely such as social media and advertising. The impact of media cannot be ignored. It is not only a way of entertainment but also it helps in spreading awareness of any issue. A study in Singapore disclosed that 52% reduction in serious traffic-related injuries and 66% reduction in minor traffic-related injuries after a 9-yesr period of an intensive road safety education programs for school students (Li, G., & Baker, S. P, 2012). We can raise awareness about road safety and security through workshops, seminars, and educating children by teaching them basic road-safety lessons and including these lessons in their syllabus right from the beginning; for instance, the ‘Green cross code’ (stop, look, think then cross) and the right way to walk on the sidewalk. Teach the children the colors of traffic lights and what they mean, road signs and their meaning, and other road rules is another valuable way to raise the public awareness about this issue. The success of road safety in Saudi Arabia relies on the development of traffic safety education and awareness campaigns (Nofal, E. M,

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