Traffic Jam In Kazakhstan Essay

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Private car Nowadays private car is one of the main causes of traffic jam. In Kurdistan Most families have their own cars. The vast majority of people prefer using their own cars, because they believe that private automobiles are more comfortable, faster and they think they can not use public transportation every time and from everywhere, due to lack of public transportation near the new areas and villages. With growing population demand to import cars into Kurdistan increase. Increasing number of cars make more traffic congestion. Car crashes Car crashes and accidents happen too often in Kurdistan, and it can slow down other drivers and cause mass traffic jam. Drivers might slow down for many reasons. The reasons are drivers might slow down to watch what happened, or they might stop to make path for emergency vehicles to arrive on the situation. Another reason which happens a lot in Kurdistan is fighting after accidents and not forgiving each other or settle down their problems, this causes major traffic jams and annoying problems which affect our road traffics. Weather Bad weather interrupts roads and make obstacles for cars and drivers by making the road hard to drive on and arrive at proper time to their destinations. Heavy rain can…show more content…
The first one is causes of occurring traffic jam. Within this section some important points have been mentioned such as private car, car crashes, distracted driving, Construction and …….. Etc). Another section is effects of traffic jam which mentions economic effects, road rage, and health problem. The third and last section is the solutions of traffic jam, this one is the most essential one, because when the rules of this section is followed. There will be a huge different on the streets. This section involves (public transportation, road winding, and financial penalty to the traffic law breakers). These are the main mentioned sections in this
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