Persuasive Essay On The Treaty Of Versailles

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After the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles was set in place to attempt to preserve the peace between the Allies and Axis people for the years to come and to accommodate for all the harm that came to civilians during this time of war. The negotiation took roughly six months to conduct before the Allies signed and put into effect final copy of the treaty. During this conference, numerous ideas of how the countries involved should approach the treaty were debated, but a limited amount were included. The treaty angered several counties considering what they wanted was not included. However, for other countries, it was the opposite; for example, the Treaty enraged Germany because they felt their punishment for the war was unwarranted.…show more content…
In a political cartoon, Hitler is crawling out of the Treaty of Versailles (Fitzpatrick). This could be interpreted as Nazism rising from the inception of the treaty; essentially, Hitler and his movement rose from the ashes because of the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler even said within speeches that the Treaty of Versailles was meant to harm Germany, and many people believed it since it was so damaging towards Gremany. For example, in a speech Hitler gave in Salzburg while running for leader, he said “This is the first demand we must raise and do [reversal of the Versailles Treaty provisions]: that our people be set free, that these chains be burst asunder, that Germany be once again captain of her soul and master of her destinies, together with all those who want to join Germany over” (Salzburg). In this quotation, Hitler is saying that he believes Germany should rebel against the treaty and all of its provisions that were forced upon the people. Even before he was running for leader, he said, in his book, “ 'The Peace Treaty of Versailles, ' was taken as an attack on the Republic and a sign of a reactionary if not monarchistic attitude.” (Mein Kampf). He was not the only one that felt this way and as result, he easily took control of Germany by connecting to the people of Germany and the hatred they felt towards the treaty of
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