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Tremor Tremor is characterized as an oscillation of certain body parts. Most people suffer from tremor although at low intensity, making it only evident when doing activities that require great precision. The more evident, easily observed and intensive form of tremor is considered a movement disorder because of its difficulty to be controlled and kept minimized. They are usually seen in hands, although can also be observed in legs, trunk, face and head. Movement disorder is the loss of control over or slow and reduced movements. This is a neurological condition wherein the brain function affects the motor and sensory senses of the body. Tremor is not considered a disorder in itself but a symptom to an underlying illness which can be…show more content…
The initial symptoms are vague and only became noticeable after prolonged exertion, stress, or fatigue. Dystonia is not related with problems thinking or understanding, but depression and anxiety can be present. In diagnosing dystonia, it is not straightforward. It involves using an approach that starts through identifying the precise nature and specific features of the movement disorder. Conversion Disorder This is also called as functional neurological symptom disorder, and in this particular condition, psychological stress in physical ways are observable. The disorder starts as mental or emotional crisis that is converted into physical problems. Hand tremor is one of the symptoms for this disorder. In diagnosing conversion disorder, there are symptom criteria to be satisfied. The symptom criteria are present in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).
Tremorometer and Other
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The MMA7456L, made by Freescale semiconductors, is a low power, low profile capacitive micro machined accelerometer [2]. It consists of fixed beams and beams attached to a movable central mass moving between the fixed beams. As the device detects acceleration, the movable beams are deflected to their rest position and their distance to the fixed beams on one side will increase at the same amount of the decrease of its distance to the fixed beams on the other side. The change in the distance is the measure of

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