Causes Of Unemployment In Afghanistan

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Unemployment is the situation where a huge population of a country, state or a place besides having education and experience, doesn’t get a job to earn an income. Sometimes, due to lack of the government’s budget or higher educational standards, a number of populations remain unemployment. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in the world. One of the targeted countries that are suffering from unemployment is Afghanistan.

As we know that in Afghanistan, unemployment is in a very high level. Why it happens? What are the main causes of this? How will be the result of this situation? There are so many reasons and causes for unemployment in a society. One of these reasons is that in our country, most of the people prefer racial discrimination. That’s why they hire their own relatives. A good example is the Ministry of commerce, where most of the employees belongs to the manager’s this situation, the managers doesn’t prefer the appliers of a job by their educations and skills bt by their tribal recognition. Isn’t this an unjust? Of course it is. This is the cause that a large number of well-educated people, work as wage labors. Such kinds of jobs take off more energy of a human being. It makes the person more tired and sometimes people hurt their hands, fingers, legs etc while doing these jobs. Which is called a waste of human energy. And in return, they earn a very small amount of money from their works. That even doesn’t fulfill their needs at least. While
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