Causes Of Unemployment In Kenya

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Unemployment in Kenya is attributed to a number of factors that include: rapid growth of the population and the labour force, skill mismatch, information problems in the labour market, structural adjustment programs, slow or declining economic growth, and the labour market setup, among others. High population growth rate in Kenya has resulted in a relatively young population and a large population of youth in the population of the working age (Njonjo, 2010). This increase in the youthful population and increasing labour force has led to labour supply outstripping demand. Consequently, unemployment, especially among the youth, has surged. In particular, high population growth has resulted in higher levels of unemployment.
The education system produces skills that are not valued by employers, while raising the expectations of those who acquire them. Consequently, the unemployed do not take up existing job vacancies, and employers are unwilling to hire available candidates (Njonjo, 2010). The mismatch is more marked for school leavers and graduates who have just finished school, partly providing an explanation for the high unemployment rate among youth and new entrants into the job market. The suggested remedy is to reform the education system and increase focus on technical education and vocational training, matching them to the needs of the job market (Coenjaerts et al. 2009).
To some extent lack of labour market information is a constraint in searching for job. The CBS
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