Causes Of Unemployment In Malaysia

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Issues and Concerns of Unemployment in Malaysia For decades, unemployment is seen as a negative issue that affects a country all over the world including Malaysia. One person may become unemployed as long as he or she is involved in the labour market. If the unemployment issue is not solved, it will give rise to a series of social and economic problems in a country.
The first impact of unemployment will cause an arise of criminal activities. Unemployment will drive someone to commit crimes as they are unable to afford their daily expenses. People who are unemployed tend to perform more on property crimes such as burglary than violence crime. The higher crime rate will cause local and foreign investors alike to think twice on investing their capital in the country and thus create recession in the national economy. The diagram below shows that the relationship between unemployment and crime rate in Malaysia. Furthermore, unemployment may affect one’s mental health indirectly. People will receive tremendous amount of trauma and feelings of low self-esteem if one is unemployed for a long period of time. Unemployed may develop negative mindsets toward common things in life. The longer they are unemployed, the more stress they might get from society and their family. A person under stress may experience insomia and depression that will lead to poor mental health. However, this effect may differ from gender, family roles, and social class.
“If someone in the family loses
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