Causes Of Unemployment In Maldives

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5.0 Literature Review
5.1 Unemployment
According to Investopedia (2016) unemployment occurs when people who are able and willing to work are actively searching for employment is unable to find work. Unemployment is a measure of economic health of the economy. Unemployment is measured in percentage, it is called unemployment rate. This is calculated by dividing the number of people unemployed with the total number of labour force in a country. Maldives is a very small country with a population of 344,023 (as per 20l14 census), with huge employment opportunities due to increased tourism. According to (2011) country has 79,777 foreign employees from different countries, mostly from Asian region. This should imply that all the Maldivian citizens are employed and shortage of manpower has been recruited from other countries. Unfortunately Maldives has around 40,000 people who wants to be employed has no job.
Unemployment is one of the major concerns of any economy in the world. Maldives is a developing nation certainly has the problem of unemployment like any other developing nation. In Maldives case though Maldives is a developing nation, lack of job opportunity is not the reason for unemployment in Maldives. The country has excess job opportunity with in the economy than the capacity of manpower which the country can supply; still facing the unemployment is the dilemma of Maldives.
According to statistical yearbook (2015) there are 2,823 job vacancy is available

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