Causes Of Unemployment In Nepal

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Unemployment in Nepal Unemployment means having no job to do or unemployed. Being a developing country, Nepal has many domestic and international challenges going on. Among them, unemployment is one of the main to mention. A lot of population being deprived of job has led to create a very difficult and painful atmosphere in Nepalese society. The overall country’s population is being multiplied day by day in a vast scale imposing the tribulations for the people to earn their living, and this has been leading to a hard situation to manage basic and additional needs for them. Since the development of nation is too slow, everybody is suffering from stress and misery of future insecurity. The way of flowing cash is not guaranteed, and a normal happy life is hard to continue. It becomes difficult to kill hunger, buy clothes and find shelter. The competition for the employment is extremely high. There are just few job vacancies and the candidates are surprisingly numerous. So, the hope for any good opportunity is very tiny. Various reasons and effects of this burning problem could be found. Moreover, there are solutions about how to mitigate or abolish it too. The country is basically male dominated society. The effect of not having a job is not only economic but social too. If a man in a family finds no work to do as a profession then there is a sort of reverberation in the whole family. He is normally the head of the family so it is his responsibility to maintain the financial
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