Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan Essay

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Causes of Educated Unemployment in Pakistan:
After the Independence it was believed that the problem of unemployment would become a ‘myth of the past’ and that not a single educated son or daughter of Free Pakistan would suffer from the plight of unemployment. But the situation took a different turn. The number of unemployment, especially among educated persons began to increase with alarming rapidity. In 1957, ten years after the attainment of independence, Pakistan exhibited a grim spectacle of mass- unemployment and a committee, appointed by the Government of Pakistan, in its report gave the starling and gravely alarming facts and figures, proving the truth that a large percentage of the University graduates, especially in Arts, had not been provided with employment.
In Pakistan now, there has been an alarming phase of mass-unemployment among the educated youth. Post-graduates and graduates are walking pillar to post in search of employment.
When there is slowdown in economy, there is surge in the number of uneducated unemployed people. Many educated people are knocking at the gates of offices just for the position of a petty clerk and get disappointed when they read the words ‘No Vacancy’ on the gate. Numerous cases of suicide among the unemployed young men have been a feature of our time.
Defective Education System: The main cause of this large-scale unemployment among the educated youth in Pakistan is our defective system of education. pakistan is an agricultural
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