Causes Of Unemployment In South Africa

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Last year, South Africa experienced its highest unemployment rate since 2003.
A few reasons to unemployment are:

1. A lack of education and training is considered the root cause of unemployment in South Africa. Here are some reasons why the education system is failing the youth; ♣ A lack of requirement skills.
♣ Secondary and Tertiary institutions do not provide enough post-graduate guidance.
♣ Students are not prepared to start from the bottom and work their way ‘up’. ♣ The breakdown of apprenticeship programmes, which enhance skills and inspire personal growth, lead to skill shortage and lack of experience.

2. The labour demand and supply mismatch. The number of jobs available simply does not accommodate for all of those entering the market.

3. The global recession in 2008 and 2009 caused many to lose their jobs. The more recent draught will also have a significant impact on the unemployment rate.

4. The role of trade unions is significant in South Africa and displays strong political and bargaining power. Higher wage demands will lead to a decline in employment and strikes will discourage investment leading to a further decline in employment.

6. A lack of interest and support for entrepreneurs. In 2014, only 6% of the youth population was involved in entrepreneurship due to Government legislation being complicated and costly, making it close to impossible for the average South African to start a business.

There are things that students and other job
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