Causes Of Unemployment In Vietnam

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I. The basic problem of unemployment

1. Some concept

2. Classification of unemployment

3. The rate of unemployment.

II. The reality of unemployment in Vietnam recent years

1. Reality of unemployment in 2013

2. Reality of unemployment in 2014

III. The influence of unemployment to economic life

IV. The cause of the unemployment situation in Vietnam

V. Directions to solve and the solutions to overcome.

In recent years we have achieved certain accomplishments brilliant development in various areas in terms of economy, politics, society ... However, behind the accomplishments we achieved, then there are also not less pressure issues that the party and State, we need
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2. Classification of unemployment

- By the source of unemployment:
+ Temporary unemployment: when there are some workers during job search or in better work- place, consistent with your desire.
+ Structural Unemployment: occur when there are imbalances between the supply and demand of the labor market (between the trades, regions…). This type is associated with the volatility of the economic structure and the ability to adjust the supply of the labor market. When this labor is strong-stretching, unemployment becomes severe and prolonged.
+ Unemployed due to lack of demand: due to the decline of demand. This type is also called career cycles by in the market economy, it is associated with recession of the business cycle occurring everywhere in the industry.
+ Unemployment due to external factors market: It occurs when the salary is not fixed by market forces and higher than the actual balance of the market strengthened.

- Voluntary employment:
+ Voluntary unemployment is division of employees who do not work by the job and the salary does not conform to their
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The cause of the unemployment situation in Vietnam

- Rising unemployment due to the global economic recession: the global economic slowdown makes the plant enterprise to downscale production and even shut down due to the product result do not sold. Product quality to meet export demand is low, do not match up with the high quality of products, the countries with higher levels of development. Therefore, enterprises must cut labor leads to job loss. This is the main reason, Vietnam's economy is still heavily dependent on investment and exports should the global economy deteriorates, the Vietnamese economy greatly affected and consequently unemployment will rise high.

- Youth long form thinking: with the habit of learning to "do" rather than a teacher who wants to "do", or prefer to work for the State that does not like to work for private. For this reason, social needs not be able to meet most of the requirements of labour, this is lacking in fact by not based on the possibility of the self and the needs of society. A young Labor Department wanted to find the right job love although other work much better, led to the State Labor departments, lack of labour, whilst the labour surplus in the sector do not need many

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