Causes Of Victor's Death In Frankenstein

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Before this moment in the novel, Victor Frankenstein had not been forced to face the results of his actions. Due to the fact that the monster murders Victor’s younger brother, the monster makes everything more personal to him. Not only is Victor now mourning the loss of his brother and an integral (61) part of his family, he is also aware that William’s death is entirely his fault. If Victor had not brought that creature to life, his brother would still be alive and no one would have had to deal with the pain William 's death caused. Additionally, this murder committed by Victor’s monster reveals something about it. Now, Victor and we as readers know that this monster has some kind of thought process or instinct that has urged it to kill. While it appears as though the creature knew that it was killing Victor’s beloved brother when it was happening, it is also difficult to determine at this point whether or not it can think like a human. As such, it is almost impossible for anyone to know what it will do next now that it has already killed once to Victor’s knowledge, and what Victor has done…show more content…
Furthermore, Victor is not only responsible for the deaths of Justine and William, but also responsible for the pain their deaths have caused his family. Elizabeth is understandably one who is harder hit by these occurrences because she viewed Justine as her sister and felt betrayed by her for murdering another person Elizabeth loved. While Victor knows for a fact that Justine is not the one who murdered his younger brother, he also has no way to prove that it was not her. Evidence points to her and Victor knows that no one would believe him if he told his story, and so decides to remain silent. As such, Victor achieves his goal of reanimation but makes himself responsible for two murders and much pain in the
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