Causes Of Video Game Addiction

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Addiction to games has been growing in numbers that causes different problem to the person, to a family, to community, to a country and to the world. Gaming addiction is like any addiction that really change the person psychological thinking. However, gaming addiction can be prevented and cured. The following article will shows the finding on how to prevent strategic game/ video game addiction. According to the article made by Wendy Kays (2011), game addiction can be referred to drug addiction, it is a repeating cycle in which the person who is addicted to game will always seek to play again and again. A person who is addicted of gaming is pulled in a small world and suddenly into a larger one and most of the time reaction of video game addicts is with anger and annoyance. Though, gaming addiction can be overcome by self-discipline. According to an article of Daniel Johnson (2013), video game addiction is a real problem because it will consumes your time and even your precious sleeping time but, video game addiction can be beat, first, time yourself while playing games, second read a guide of the game to avoid fantasizing about the game, use a cheat to avoid restarting the game again and again, identify who are your friends and lastly, play with your friends because they will pushed you to do other things when they get bored paying video games. According to the article of Mike Elgan (2006), there is five ways to avoid gaming

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