Violence In Schools

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Violence in Schools: Causes and Solutions
Violence is no longer an unexpected issue around the world. It occurs everywhere, from the closest places to us, such as our neighbourhood, to the places where our parents have put us for our own benefits, which are schools. Our parents and guardians have trusted schools to be the safest place besides our house, where we can learn, mingle, and live our childhood with exultation and gratification. Nevertheless, it’s also no longer a secret that schools are allegedly to be a place where violence can easily happen.
Violence in schools can show up in numerous structures, such as bullying, fighting (e.g., punching, slapping, kicking), weapon utilization, group brutality, and electronic hostility (CDC, 2014).
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In many cases, family and relatives are responsible for the occurrence of violence in schools. According to a recent research done by Safe Horizon, of youngster ill-use cases in 2012, there are more than 80% of the cases the guardian was the perpetrator ( Children who get abused or have seen a great amount of violence at home are more likely to do rather harsh and unpleasant things to other children because they were raised and taught that way. They also do it because they want to feel superior at schools since they don’t feel that way at home. While at schools, teachers and school administrators likewise have a gigantic part in setting up violence. Nonetheless, they have a tendency to do it in a more inconspicuous kind of way since they use the term of ‘disciplining’ and claiming that they do it in order to make the students learn their lessons. When in fact what they’ve been doing towards the students actually trigger anxiety and insecurity as the weight they feel troubles them to pass their breaking points and show what they’re really capable of. The lack of application of the rules that prevent violence from happening is also one of the causes from school’s side. In some cases, students often report the violence that’s occurred to the teachers or high authorities. However, teachers would address these cases in the beginnings, yet to their dismay that they just exacerbate matters by taking a side on the victims that create another reason for the subjects to harass the victims. Which, in this case, to shut their mouths or to prevent them from being

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