Causes Of Violence In Schools

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Violence in schools is a global problem. The scourge of violence in South African schools is cause for concern. There are reports that appear in the written and electronic media on a daily basis about high levels of violence in our schools. This has contributed to public fear that schools are unsafe. The most visible form of violence in schools is violence against school children. The carrying of weapons such as knives, guns and other weapons has become a norm. Such incidents underline the extent of violence and crime we experience in our communities which generally impacts negatively on education and what happens in the school in particular. There are many different forms of violence that takes place in a school environment and these all contribute to causing major disruptions. School violence can be defined as any behavior of learners, educators, administrators or even non-school persons, attempting to inflict injury on another person or to the deliberate damaging of school property. Violence comes in many different forms such as bullying, sexual harassment, stealing, harming other students and members of staff. Bullying is one of the most common forms of violence against students. Bullying is not confined to boys only. Girl to girl bullying is seen as an increasing problem and tends to be verbal more than physical. The distress of bullying and unhappiness can cause an increase in absenteeism and some victims even feel the need to change schools in the hope of
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