Causes Of Violence In South African Schools

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“The scourge of violence in South African schools is cause for concern; daily reports appear in the written and electronic media about high levels of violence, physical and sexual abuse, and gang-related activities in our schools”, (v & c., 2013).In one study that was done by Paul burton (2008) he states that Violence in schools across South Africa has become commonplace and is likely to impact negatively on children in a number of ways. In this essay I will discuss the main causes of violence in South African schools as well as different forms of violence perpetrated on teachers by learners in South African schools. Then state the impacts of violence on the equality of teaching and learning in schools. I will also examine how schools could intervene in order to eradicate violence in schools.

In the research that was done by pan children, the nature, causes and effects of school violence in South African high schools (Ncontsa & Shumba 2013), they found out that bullying, vandalism, gangsterism, indiscipline, intolerance, and corporal punishment were prevalent in schools. Looking at the violence that take place in schools nowadays in South Africa you can see that bullying is the most cause of violence in schools, though we may not guarantee that it is only bullying there other reasons which have been mentioned but first we will outline the one of bullying in South African school. Haynie, Nansel, Iannotti and Spriggs, (2007), in their research they suggested that Nine

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