Causes Of Violent Conflict

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Poon Wynne Hsing (20) 403 IH Essay 2

There are many causes of tension between parties that lead to violent conflict. In this essay, we will be looking at different beliefs as a cause of violent conflict. For the sake of clarity, beliefs is defined as different ideologies, and violent conflict is at least two parties using physical force to resolve differing claims or interests.

Different ideologies will cause violent conflict if tensions are not too high between the parties involved. The Civil war in Russia in 1917-1922 is a good example. The Red Army was headed the by Leon Trotsky of the Bolsheviks that was pro-communist and the White Army was headed by the Czars, the usurped royalty, who fought to regain control of Russia. The Reds won in the end at the cost of many lives, both from the military and civilians. This civil war started by the rebellion that overthrew the Czars that had been oppressing the people for a very long time. That created a power vacuum and created a time of turmoil. The Bolsheviks eventually came out on top then set about to overthrow remaining dictatorships and began reforms by creating "Soviets". The Czars wanted to return Russia to autocracy and fought against the Bolsheviks, causing the Reds to start fighting the Whites thus bringing about the civil war.

The two sides had vastly different ideologies in governing this large country that is Russia. The problem is that they were not simply two parties with different ideals, the Reds had
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