Causes Of Water Pollution In Japan

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Japan is the one of the world’s developed countries. Japan is also one of the effected countries by the nuclear bomb during Second World War and it is still effecting the population and its environment. The main source of pollution in the country such as Japan doesn’t only arise from industrialization but many other factors. Water is the main sources for human being for survival. With an upcoming development and world’s global climate change are causing many degradation of water and its sources. Water resources and its reservoirs are greatly being affected by anthropogenic action or natural phenomenon. When talking about water pollution, we should consider that it is not only about water quality but also about water quantity. Water pollution in Japan had been issue even before the industrialization, especially during “Japan’s Meji Period (1868-1912)”, when “Ashio Copper Mine” dumped huge amount of waste water into Watarase River and greatly hamper the residents (Water Environmental Management in Japan, n.a). It seems that with industrialization and urbanization, the water problem become more severe in Japan. Before knowing the water pollution and its pollutants, it is important to know about the sources of water in Japan. Japan is considered as not a water abundant country (The World Bank, 2006). Precipitation especially rainfall had always been the principal source of water for every region in the world. Even for Japan, precipitation is the main source of water with
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