Water Scarcity In China

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This scientific report mainly discuss how to reduce the water scarcity in the China, and the two main reasons for water scarcity are water pollution and its uneven distribution. For this research, some information form internet and the data collected in the website are the main sources for this topic. For china’s water uneven distribution, government changes the complicated the water system to transform the water to other areas and they also establish the dam to prevent the flooding water. There is a personal hypothesis that human could explore more techniques associated with the dam, because dam can change the water direction and save the energy, and there are two graphs explaining the map of water distribution and terrestrial circumstances.
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The water scarcity of China, which is triggered lots of reasons, such as natural damage, inordinate emission of human industry or other reasons, which negatively influence the water pollution, also, with the climate change, the glacier is melting dramatically, warm temperature and precipitation change natural pattern and increase the desertification(News from the earth institute). China becomes drier every year, and there are varied of products related to agriculture. Two water scarcity issues of China are that uneven distribution of the water recourse and the water pollution. China’s south to north water diversion project have caused lots of positive effects in the uneven distribution of water. As China’s population and economy have improved totally, so a plan for water is essential for China development. Today China is the country using the biggest water resources in the world(Stanford Program). For the uneven distribution of the water, in the china, southern and eastern areas are located on a natural place where possess substantial number of water, the precipitation and rainfall support their whole water resources. But the western and northern areas need to use water very carefully, the climate pattern make people suffer from the droughts and other natural disasters. Specifically, southern and northern areas have a high degree of rainfall, or more rain water, which causes the…show more content…
In the end of introduction and discussion, I have show the hypothesis that dam and more exploration of shifting energy from water can change the water original direction of water and quality of water. For my research, there are something need to be fixed, because the information and evidence from the internet is limited, which means the research will have some flaws, but some interviews and investigation in the local areas can complete the information, and make the research more effectively. My recommendation, the structure of building the water routine in the modern city also can be advocated, because the consciousness of people is increasing, which means most people can save the water as soon as possible, so, the remnant water used by people can be transported by people who lived in the pool
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