Wave Energy: A Solution To Global Warming

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Why Wave Energy is a Solution to Global Warming & Types of Wave Technologies Used Global warming is a huge issue nowadays as the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere increases higher and higher each year. (Graph 1) Consequences we face include dramatic climate changes, rising sea level, dirtier air, and a lot more negative effects that are slowly destroying the planet and the atmosphere. It is predicted by Stephen Hawking that there are only 100 years left before the Earth hits doomsday (Galeon, 2017). In graph 2, you can see that most greenhouse gases came from human’s daily usage of electricity, which is 29% of all sources. We can decrease the amount of greenhouse gases by using other types of energy and different energy sources.…show more content…
Energy is used in our daily lives all the time and even in times we don’t even realize we are. We get the energy we use from energy sources that help produce energy. There are two main different types of energy, renewable energy and nonrenewable energy. Nonrenewable energy includes gasoline, coal, different oils and much more. Nonrenewable energy will run out at some point in time and creates greenhouse gas/global warming. Renewable energy on the other hand will never run out and will not harm the environment like how nonrenewable energy will. I will be talking specifically about wave energy. Even though wave energy is one of the lesser known renewable energy sources, it is one of the most efficient and the most predictable renewable energy sources out…show more content…
Wave energy is renewable. There will always be waves that will create wave energy. Waves will never stop and will never run out. Wave energy is environmentally friendly. Unlike fossil fuels, wave energy won’t create pollution like how coal or other fossil fuels will. The energy from waves can be taken directly into wave technologies and used to power generators and power plants nearby. Wave energy is abundant and widely available. Wave energy can be used/created in all places/cities that have oceans nearby. Lots of energy used by cities can be wave energy if they’re nearby an ocean. There are a huge variety of ways wave energy can be converted and collect. As the four ways listed above, they are all very easy to use and are reusable. Wave energy is predictable. Unlike wind and solar energy, wave energy can be predicted easily. We can know how much energy will be produced by calculating and predicting the wave energy. Wave energy has less dependency on foreign oil companies. The dependence on foreign oil companies can be decreased when the wave energy can be extracted to its maximum. Wave energy creates no damage to the land. Unlike fossil fuels which cause massive damage to the land as they leave large holes behind them, wave energy does not cause any damage to the land. Wave energy is safe, clean, and one of the best ways to extract energy from the

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